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I would like to thank Mohan Bhagwat ji for guiding me in the hateful ways of Hindutva and for helping me fill the country with hatred and violence. I came into power and soon realised I’m simply not qualified for the job. But I’ve worked 20 hours every day trying to fool people while helping my corporate friends looted tax payer’s money. Haters who complain that no development has happened, have you seen what my hairline was in 2014 and what it is now ?

About us

Welcome to our official website. An idea that originated from a shake in Nagpur, Acche Din is slowly turning into a reality today. Muslims and Dalits are being killed and oppressed everyday, angry mobs are having a field day and the police is carrying out encounters like it’s a sanitation drive. The economy is in shambles, with rupee and petrol racing each other towards hundred. Anil bhai is happy, Mukesh bhai is happy, Nirav, Vijay and Mehul bhai are all enjoying their vacation. If this is not Acche Din, we don’t now what is.


Lynching sword: This sword senses the presence of Dalits and Muslims around you and automatically alerts you so you can promptly Lynch them.

Trolling Smartphones: These specially made phones by JIO have pre loaded abuses using which you can troll innocent people online

Climate Change Pills: A brainchild of our Commander in thief, this pill with increase your “Sehen Shakti” so that you can easily deal with the growing threats that climate change poses.

Gutter gas Chai: Specially made in Varanasi from the gas of its gutters, this special chai will act as poison and help you escape this shit show by mercilessly killing you.

For someone who says Na khaunga na Khaane Dunga. he has fed me well.
Smriti Irani, bench-warming Textile Minister

Board of Thieves

Amit “Motabhai” Shah

Narendra bhai picked him up from a shakha in Gujarat when he was stuffing himself with the 18th dhokla of the day. Since then, he has tagged along with Narendra bhai like a dog tags along with his owner. Under his guidance, Amit Shah has had the great pleasure of massacring 1700 Muslims. In all the years that he has spent under Modi ji’s wing, he has mastered the art of rigging EVMS, spreading fake news and killing people during their morning walks.

Piyush “Nalayak” Goyal

Little did he know that a good for nothing failure like himself would ever climb up to the post of a Union Minister. But the benchmark of intelligence in this BJP ministry is so low, that it was actually a cakewalk. Watching him going about his daily affairs as Minister of railways is like watching a class 3 kid in college classroom—clueless. When he speaks it sounds like someone is dragging a steel chair across a room.

Arun “Blogger” Jaitley

Arun Jaitley has had only one ambition throughout his career—to get people to take him seriously. The inspiring moral of his life is that in spite of having miserably failed over many years, he still hasn’t stopped trying. He has tried public speaking, tweeting and out of frustration become an avid blogger. His achievements include single handedly taking fuel prices to an all time high and the value of rupee to an all time low. Truly a great servant of the BJP ideology.


Under Modi ji’s watch I raped a minor girl and yet I’m running scot free. Such is the reverence of our beloved PM that he assured me that the CBI or the courts won’t give me any trouble.I don’t think my Acche din would continue if he weren’t around.

Kuldeep Sengar

I thought running away from the country after committing such a huge fraud would be difficult, but with Modi ji managed to get my lookout notice changed and here I am strolling the streets of London as a free man. He is the real king of good times for me.

Vijay Mallya

I thought I was biggest conman among all Modis but the Prime Minister has exceeded my expectations and helped us scam the country with ease and effortlessness and Acche din has definitely arrived for me

Nirav Modi

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